Wow, this blog has gotten dusty. Sorry about that.

Well, you see, I think that the last post was written in that strange time between when I knew that I was going to start a new job but before I gave notice. Maybe it was written after I’d given notice? I know that they still had me interviewing candidates after I gave notice. Fun fact about one of the comments that I made at the end of the previous post: When I said that the SQL question was similar to one that is asked at other companies it’s because it turned out to be one that I was asked when interviewing. Since I do manage to have some common sense every now and then, I just solved the problem rather than trying to build rapport with my interviewer by saying, “Funny thing! I ask my candidates this same question!”

And then I started a new job! And I didn’t want to say anything that would jinx things. Or that my then-new colleagues would take out of context! I think that they have come to accept that I am eccentric and sometimes have no filter.

But don’t worry! I can keep it together enough to not say anything awkward! It helps that one of the biggest disappointments is the quality of the free t-shirts. AoPS was killing it in the free t-shirt department. Not only did we have our own t-shirts (and many varienties thereof), but we also had random hedge fund t-shirts. While the AoPS t-shirt are made of nice fabric, the hedge fund t-shirts are made of really nice fabric. AoPS also gave us free hedge fund pajamas. My current workplace has not provided us with any pajamas even though we all work from home.

In other irrelevant news, the cute, tiny, underpowered computer that I had been using to write this blog died. Like, you turn it on, it makes the chime noise, and then it does nothing. If you try to boot it into recovery mode, it does nothing. If you try to do the thing where you zap some internal settings, it makes the screen flash a few times, and then it does nothing. Before it died, it had reached a point of being almost useless. For example, it did not let you read the Wikipedia nor Stack Exchange with either Safari or Chrome. While, yes, it was the purse-dog of computers, it was still remarkably useful for writing plain words. So let’s see if this new, very modern computer will actually build the page for this new post.

Update: Yay! The blog works! Boo! The posts with snarky JS don’t work because of CORS or similar nonsense!