Subtitle: It’s the least you could do.

  1. The company produced a podcast. All nine episodes were dropped at the same time. And transcripts were published on the web page at the same time.

  2. The department that loves, loves, loves Zoom meetings now uses Google Meet when the meeting includes my deaf/HoH colleague. Zoom does not have first-party captioning. Zoom does not appear to have any reasonable options for captioning. Google Meet has real-time captioning. The captions are pretty OK.

  3. We’re launching a new feature for one of our products, and this feature includes a video. Recently someone asked, “How do I add captions to the video?” This is an interesting question because it combines both an expectation that captions should be added as well as a lack of instructions on the details of how to do it. (Don’t ask about captions for the videos related to the older products.)