Details changed substantially for student privacy.

  1. 22:55 Dear Mr. Euclid I don’t think we covered this in class. Sincerely ImaginaryPikachu314. PIKA PIKA!
  2. 22:57 Part 2 of 2: Mr. Euclid what does relatively prime mean?
  3. 23:01 Dear Mr. Euclid, this problem is so hard! Can you help me? PIKA PIKA PIKA CHU!
  4. 23:02 Also why is it called Report Error these are not errors the ones that I am writing right now
  5. 23:03 Never mind I think I figured the problem out.
  6. 23:07 Why isn’t it accepting my right answer. Can you help me now? I need to go to sleep soon. PIKA CHU!

Two posts in two days? Don’t get used to it.