In nearly perfect timing, tomorrow evening we’re having the first meeting of the new crafting club at work. A bunch of us are going to stay late and use the good table in the lunch room and work on crafting projects.

We’ve had renewed interest in the business card cuboctahedra that I made out of my old cards when we updated the corporate logos, fonts, and all that roughly two years ago. (Shoutout to Jeannine Mosely’s talk at G4G for giving me the idea in the first place and to Tom Hull for helping me find a link to a model that is within my skill set.) I need to remember to put the good metal ruler and my improvised folding tool (an awl) in my laptop bag so that I can help anyone who wants to make some of these on their own.

business card cuboctahedron

The other day I noticed that we also have a lot of cubes made out of business cards around the office as well. According to the business card rumor mill, it looks like at least one order of cards came in with minor flaws, so we might have even more spare cards to make things with. Do we want to make a giant Menger Sponge? Could we put it in the conference room to fill in some of the awkward empty space that was created when we rotated the big table to give everyone a better view of the screen?

It looks like in addition to my owning a lifetime supply of yarn, fabric, and thread, I might also have access to a lifetime supply of \(2’’ \times 3\frac{1}{2}’’\) cards to fold into geometric shapes. (But I probably will bring too much fabric to the craft club and see if I can come up with a better quilt design based on the fabric that I bought for an idea that I have since rejected.)