1. Cat in cone. She had minor surgery on Wednesday afternoon. She also had her teeth cleaned while she was under anesthesia. She had been on a hunger strike since returning home after the procedures, but she appears to be eating again. I worry about the water situation because I’m not sure if she is smart enough to get her head in the water dish. When I offer her the dish inside the cone region, she just tries to rub her incision on the side of the dish.

  2. Speaking of water, the hot water is out in my building today. I have lost track of how many slab leaks in the downstairs apartments have led to plumbing emergencies throughout the whole building.

  3. I am writing code that is impossible to test. It will hit an external API many tens of thousands of times and then record the responses. We only need to run the code once in order to get the information that we need. Each call to the API costs real money. It costs enough real money that it is worth spending a decent number of hours of my time writing the code in a way that cuts down on the number of calls we need to make in order to get all the information. The steps of preparing the payload, querying the API, and then recording the response are slow enough that there are a lot of ways that this script could time out. And goodness knows how many ways the API could return an error response.

  4. We have a utility function that we run on a somewhat regular basis on our test servers in order to get things all freshened up from time to time. This had been a shell script, as nature intended. Now we are rewriting them in JavaScript.