1. USB data blocker. Some of the charging stations in airports and other public places have both regular electrical outlets and USB ports for power. Are the USB ports just sending power to your device or are they also sending malware from Belarusian hackers? As you might guess from the name, a USB data blocker doesn’t let any data through, just electricity.

  2. Faraday bag. Your phone has a microphone and has radios to connect to all sorts of networks. How do you know that it is not spying on you? How do you know that it is really off when you tell it to turn off? It might still be spying on you but with a dark screen. Or are people driving past your house trying to get your phone to join rogue wifi networks? Protect yourself from these very likely situations with a faraday bag. Conspicuously keeping your personal cell phone in a faraday bag while at work gives you plausible cover for not responding to work calls on your personal cell phone outside of work hours.

  3. Hockey puck. Use your label maker and make a sticker that says “Infosec Alexa” and give it to your friends! For bonus fun, if you know someone with a laser cutter that can etch things into a hockey puck, you can put the Bluetooth logo on the bottom and cover it with a piece of black electrical tape before giving the gift!