1. Cats keep sitting on me, preventing me from getting anything done or participating in any of my hobbies.

  2. Today in Tales from the BugMaster, a student reported the following error in the homework system: “This is against what you teached in the book u nub.”

  3. Today in HIPAA violations, I received an email from a medical practice where I am not a patient wishing me a happy birthday. Someone with my name who lives in the Chicago area is a patient of a particular medical practice, and her birthday is today. I called their office to let them know about this situation, but no one returned my call. Yet.

  4. Fun fact about calling businesses in Chicago. (Sorry if you already read this on Twitter.) Their phone tree starts out like usual for a medical practice: “To make an appointment, press one. If you are calling from a doctor’s office, press two. Para español oprima tres.” I didn’t catch all the words in the next part, but I definitely heard polskiego and cztery. Good thing that there weren’t more options before we reached this point, as I can recognize the words for the numbers from one to five and then some number that is either nine or ten. I will never be able to say the word that means “three.”

  5. The seemingly boring button clicking thing that I posted the other day is growing into a larger project. But I need to redo it because it has become a nest of CSS classes and jquery, and I probably should change it to use layers. Or maybe not?

  6. If you are looking for me this coming weekend, I will be in Schenectady.

  7. I have a new next door neighbor. A long time ago my neighborhood was made up of single-family homes. My building (seven apartments) sits where a house used to be. However, next door is a house with a large backyard. My neighbor seems to have a large number of vintage Volkswagens in the yard at all times. There are always at least two microbuses, but I definitely remember seeing three at one point. There might have been more? Yesterday there were a lot of the old style Beetles, but they seem to be gone today.

  8. The ridiculous GIFs continue. Originally I had a link to one of them here together with the commands I used to make it in ImageMagick. BUT THEN IT STOPPED WORKING. It moves back and forth on my phone and on Facebook, but it gets stuck here. So I took it away.