1. Which is more on-brand for me? I realized that there was nothing worth packing to bring for lunch today, so I made coq au vin at 5am? Or that the only corkscrew I own is swag from the 2011 Supercomputing conference?

  2. While getting the wine out of the cabinet over the microwave, the big plastic vent-grate thing at the top of microwave fell off. A plastic bit had snapped. This is the second plastic bit that has failed this summer (the handle is kind of falling off, too). My first instinct was to buy a new microwave. My second instinct was to figure out if anyone I know could 3D print me some parts that I could super-glue to the existing hardware. What I actually did was put the part in the bathtub and spray it with my favorite cleaning spray. I may leave it in there as I shower and see how much accumulated cooking gunk comes off with passive cleaning. I’ll probably use some sort of adhesive to hold it in place when I’m done.

  3. Forgot to inject myself with the stabby migraine medicine last night, so I need to psych myself up to stab myself this morning. I took it out of the fridge when I started cooking, so now I am kind of committed to stab myself in the not-to-distant future. Especially as it gets hotter than room temperature around here during this time of year.