1. Last night I made some food in the InstantPot (praise be), but it finished after I went to bed. It could have sat on the “keep warm” setting all night, but Jim put it in the fridge. Instead of covering it with the official InstantPot lid (praise be), he covered it with a very flat glass lid from some other cooking vessel. By morning it had suctioned itself onto the pot so tightly that I needed to bring the food back to a boil in order to release it.

  2. I was late. Buses were late. I forgot to pack exact change, so I overpaid for the bus by fifty cents. I had packed regular knitting needles instead of lace tip knitting needles, so I couldn’t make a swatch for my ill-fated project that has been ripped out more than once. I forgot my hat, so I had to endure the sun as I walked the 1.5 miles from the bus stop to the office. Did I tell you about the dead rabbit that I saw on my way to work last week? Today there were two dead rabbits: the original dead rabbit and a new dead rabbit. It is very surprising how little is left of the original dead rabbit.

  3. Defeated the Team Rocket grunt but then was not given the opportunity to catch the shadow Pokemon.

  4. Safari ignores much of @media print CSS, so I’m going to have to tell the staff using the thing that I’m building USE CHROME ONLY USE CHROME.