We don’t really have seasons around here, so quite frequently I have to conciously think about what date it is, and I often catch myself by surprise. Well, we sort of have seasons, but they are kind of different from the ones that I grew up with in Schenectady. They are Ironic Winter (in which it is cool and it might rain), No Weather (outside is like inside), May Gray/June Gloom (kind of like No Weather, but it is cloudy in the morning), No Weather (again), Summer, and Fire.

All of a sudden, summer is upon us.

Do you know how hot it is here?

The cat thermometer is at “sprawl out on the tile floor.”

The renovations next door thermometer is at “shirtless construction workers.”

It is so hot here that when I was walking to the coffee shop, my Pokemon would not stop to battle against Team Rocket unless there was a shady place for me stand.

It is so hot here that we have all the windows open and all the fans going.

Today it reached eighty-five Fahrenheit degrees! We may have highs in the 80s until the end of the weekend. The humidity was 71%. We may need to endure these sorts of heat waves for several more weeks.

You may wonder why I did not name this season Ironic Summer. Summer here comes in gradations. West of the 5 freeway it is Ironic Summer; it might not be summer at all on Coronado. Between the 5 and the eastern extent of the 805 and the 15 (they cross), it is Summer. The western extent of this zone often has no or insufficient air conditioning. Between the 15 and the 125? Definitely summer. Beyond the 125? Don’t go there.

In unrelated migraine news, I am still experiencing auras. How long has it been? Five weeks? I am losing track.

In unrelated knitting news, linen stitch entrelac is nice and flat, but it is pretty thick (not surprising) and uses a heck of a lot of yarn (also not surprising). Doesn’t have as much drape as I would like for my ruana. Don’t know if I’ll try entrelac in a mix of stockinette and reverse stockinette or if I’ll take a stab at doing half milano stitch in hand knitting.