1. I’ve been taking the Scary Rash Medicine for almost two weeks now, and my skin hasn’t fallen off yet! Sadly, I am still having migraine auras.
  2. Tales from the bus: The other day on the bus, some guy was trying to sell something to someone else on the bus for $10. He was explaining that he regularly sells things on the bus. Once he was selling socks. Once he had a bottle of tequila, and he was selling shots for $1 each.
  3. We are talking about moving out of our hip urban neighborhood to somewhere more suburban so that we could get a house-house and not an apartment. I’d love to have a house in this neighborhood, but I don’t have a very, very, very large number of dollars to spend.
  4. A very large number of houses in San Diego are selling for a very large number of dollars. Where do all these people get all those dollars? I thought that the millenials were paying off student loans and not buying expensive homes. At this moment, there are 641 single-family homes in San Diego that are for sale for over a million dollars.
  5. People tell me that it is investors from China, but I am wondering if that is true or if that is a racist trope.
  6. Almost done with my current knitting project, so today I started working on a swatch because the internet does not know as much as I would like it to about entrelac knitting. Specifically, how does one do entrelac in linen stitch?
  7. I wonder how much yarn I would need to make a linen stitch entrelac ruana.
  8. Other knitting mysteries that the internet has not yet been able to help me with: when hand-knitting, can you do a half milano stitch border on your work to make it less likely to curl?
  9. There is so much that I do not understand about .gitignore.