1. Still auraing!
  2. Sorry, friends with fMRI scanners, this 19-day migraine aura might be coming to a close any day now! You will miss out on the chance to learn where in the visual cortex the cells are firing abnormally.
  3. Bonus fun: For the past several days, the morning auras have been very bold and colorful, but the afternoon ones have been much more muted and subdued.
  4. Also fun: I have started taking the medicine that is associated with the Scary Rash.
  5. The cats really want me to feel better and go back to work All Day Every Day because they are getting sick of having me around the house all day and asking them if cats get migraines. (Apparently there is a laboratory rabbit model of migraine.)
  6. Still need to call up the insurance company to find out how to get them to pay for the Scary Rash Medicine.
  7. Bought a table for the knitting machine so I can set it up next to the sewing machine.
  8. I promise you that I will knit something interesting with the knitting machine and not more neurology-related content, like a 4-color, 7 dpi representation of an MRI image of my brain.