A few notes:

  1. We’re getting the topical medication for the elderly cat because her response to taking two pills a day for forever was a strong “no.” While I have always thought that this cat was stupid (for a cat), she might just be devoting every brain cell to not taking pills.
  2. Small database update: Most likely reason that everything is running stupid-slow on my office computer is because the disk drive sucks. As my office computer is seven years old, I am hoping that newer computers have better disk drives. No, work does not love me enough to get me a very large SSD. (But my extra laptop has a very large SSD because my dad gave it to me.)

Also I took today off work and emailed with people from work and also revised my surface-knitting stuff to do spheres now, too.

Pick a surface:

Radius (inches):
Number of stitches in 4 inches:
Number of rows in 4 inches: