1. Sorry. Another list post.

  2. WE DID THE TAXES BEFORE THEY WERE DUE. Ended up owing over three thousand bucks, though. Note that I did not even need to actually threaten that I was not going to renew the HBO subscription until the taxes were done.

  3. Now I need to renew the HBO subscription. Yes, yes I did look up the dates for Season 8 just to see if I could save fifteen bucks by waiting to sign up a month before the last episode so that we could watch all six episodes during one month. But then I was like, “eff it, I just spent three grand on putting kids in cages and whatever other nonsense things my federal government does. I should indulge myself in a TWO MONTH subscription to HBO so that I can see all the episodes on the same day as everyone else.”

  4. Secretly, I am pretending that the three grand (ok, more like $3500, but we are getting money back from the state) (plus the many other thousands of dollars that we had withheld from our paychecks) is going to the Department of Commerce and the Census API. Maybe some of it to the FAA.

  5. Cover letter update: Someone sent in an application with an eight-word cover letter. This “cover letter” was not actually a complete sentence. I moved the application on to the next step anyway, as an eight-word cover letter is still an existing cover letter.

  6. Both cats get to go to the veterinarian on Saturday! Woo! I already got the cat carriers out because the stupid cat hides under the couch when I first get the cat carrier out. But after it has been sitting around the living room for a few days, she will start to sleep in it.