1. Got an MRI of my head on Saturday. Got the results this morning: Nothing of note.

  2. The claim from the imaging center is that they do MRIs on weekends as a covenience to patients. I suspect it is because the machine brings in a lot of money. Sort of like how airlines try really hard to have all their planes in the air as much as possible.

  3. Although I was kind of suprised that a radiologist had time to read the MRI over the weekend. Since the imaging center is affiliated with a hospital chain, maybe the radiologists at the hospital read these MRIs when things are quiet at the hospital? As this is a different hospital system from the one where one of my former students is a radiology resident, I don’t know anyone who I can ask.

  4. Finally wised up on the third attempt to start my knitting project and put a lifeline at a key transition point. Not even two rounds past the lifeline, it looks like I am going to need it. How many times can this yarn tolerate being ripped out and reknitted? WE SHALL SEE.

  5. Also this weekend, looked through the Michelle Memorial Archives as part of an effort to show someone I know how actually and totally crazy they are. Also half-heartedly considering a book (the word “book” being construed very loosely) about the contents of the Michelle Memorial Archives.

  6. While looking at a publication in which Michelle published an essay, I discovered that a bead crocheter that I know also published an essay in that issue.

  7. Had dinner with a relative on Sunday.

  8. Work today has been a mix of catching up on all the things that came in over the weekend and trying to decide how hard to try to do something that one of my colleagues muses might be impossible. You see, there are two databases, and they have related data in similar forms, but they are not the same. Is there a way to make the reporting from one database match with the interface provided from the other database? Currently unclear.