We have brought this upon ourselves at work: Not only do we provide all of our usual educational content, but we now also have a digital media thing going on. There is a podcast (which, like all podcasts, wants everyone to rate and review!). There is what is being called an online magazine, but which I think of as a company blog.

Now that we have these things, they need to be fed and cared for. And since they are official publications, they need to stick to the official branding guidelines. I was asked if I wanted to write something for the online magazine. I do not. My writing interests have only a minimal intersection with the goals of this publication. And someone else already wrote about knitting.

My one contribution was to make life a little bit more difficult for the staff setting this whole thing up. I pointed out that .news is a top level domain and that we should buy the .news domain corresponding to this product and point it at the online magazine.

Plus, I already have two blogs that I can barely keep up with. (The other one is very pretend and mostly short comments about Pokémon Go.)