1. The fact that I have not yet received an email from Dartmouth saying that they are shocked! shocked! about this scandal and that they are the real victims here says to me that rich people do not need to do any crime in order to get their mediocre children admitted to Dartmouth. There is likely some sort of well-known quid pro quo that does not involve any crime. The Hood Museum isn’t going to expand and renovate itself, ya know.

  2. None of the status-driven children on our site are discussing this at all. One black kid gets admitted to a few of their favorite colleges, and they are making very unsettling statements on the message board, but a bunch of rich people are doing crime to get their kids admitted, and we are not seeing any outrage.

  3. The tricky thing about Harvard’s undergraduate product is that they need some of these kids, even without any crime. One of the reasons that people send their kids to this sort of east coast fancy school is because they are hoping that they’ll get a chance to hang out with one of the newer generations of George Bushes and other kids from influential backgrounds.

  4. Thought experiment: We can all imagine marginal students scraping by at most of the fancy east coast schools with their gentleman’s Cs (I am imagining a specific classmate of mine at Dartmouth right now). But my hunch is that no one would pay a lot of money and do crime in order to get a mediocre student into Caltech. I think that it’s because Caltech’s brand is focused much more on the actual education and less on the mix-and-mingle experience.

  5. With everyone on the internet talking about the value of the Ivy League education, I feel like I must have done everything wrong. Instead of becoming remarkably wealthy very quickly, I went to graduate school.