Yesterday we had a 14-hour power outage.

If I had known at the beginning that it was going to be a 14-hour power outage (it was originally estimated to be a less than 3-hour power outage), I would have moved the ice and the ice packs and various other frozen things into the fridge to keep it colder longer. I suppose that this gives me a good excuse to KonMari the contents of the fridge.

Deep down I suspect that the cats were responsible for the neighborhood being without power all day. I had been telling them that I was going to wash the fuzzy blanket and vacuum the couch. This is something that they can not abide. My couch is still covered in cat fur.

I tried to avoid running my phone battery down during the day, so I did not rely on the internet and YouTube when I tried to fix my bike. This led to me driving to the bike shop to have trained professionals save me from myself. It also gave me a chance to charge my phone with the car charger.

The taco shop on the corner must have a gas griddle because I was able to acquire a hot and delicious burrito. They must have also been without refrigeration, but I got my burrito just a few hours into the power outage, so any risk was pretty low. On the other hand, today I am avoiding eating at any restaurants that were without power yesterday.

During the first two hours of the power outage, I read the newspaper and ate breakfast at the coffee/bar. Later on, I went to a cocktail bar that I know has electrical outlets along the bar and charged my phone and my computer while I had cocktails for dinner.

Tried doing some tidying up. Totally did not follow the rules for tidying up. I know that I am supposed to start with clothes and put them all in a pile in the middle of the floor, but just was not up for the amount of folding that this would have led to. So I selectively culled without examining everything. In my defense, I have properly tidied my clothes in the past few years, and I have not bought many clothes since then, so I was starting out a bit ahead of the game. Much the same to be said for books and for paper.

Stopped before entering the realm of the komono. It’s always the komono.

Did not photograph the lunar eclipse because it was cloudy.