1. Although I denied it when confronted, I was the one who left the Oreos in the break room.

  2. If winter continues, I may have to sneak a space heater into the office.

  3. I have a Raspberry Pi on the office wifi. I signed it up to be a part of FlightAware’s botnet.

  4. Violating the spirit of an admonishment from the accounting team, I printed my W2 on the office printer. I printed it amongst work-related things in case anyone got to the printer before I did.

  5. BugMaster fixed the formatting of the answer from a student who complained about losing points due to a formatting issue.

  6. I didn’t tell anyone that different TeX installations seem to render our new official corporate font differently. This is why I quickly backed down from my suggestion that we put all the LaTeX source files on GitHub and acquiesced to the proposal to host them on our heavily modded (and, therefore, quirky) in-house system.

  7. Left 10 minutes early on Friday.