1. Indecision part 1: Not all of the “Komono” in the apartment belongs to me, and while I have Kon-Maried a significant volume of stuff, there are still things that need to be kept and stored. IKEA offers three different “cubby” shelves, the KALLAX, the EKET, and the FLYSTA, and I do not know which one to get.

  2. Indecision part 2: I am nine rows, give or take, away from finishing up the current knitting project. What do I knit next? Note that it must be something that can be made out of yarn that I currently own, as I suspect that I already own a lifetime supply of yarn.

  3. Do I load all the data all at once and then hide and show the various graphs based on user interaction? Or do I show half the data at the beginning and then have the page send a request for the rest of the data when the user wants it? The former strategy is likely to be easier, and it is liklier to give better performance if the user wants to switch back and forth between the views. The latter strategy is the one that I really need more practice implementing, so using it here would help me learn how to do it better.

  4. The coffee/bar near my house serves too many IPAs, and I don’t like IPAs.

  5. My favorite bar doesn’t have wifi.

  6. I took a photography lesson this week, and I learned a specialized technique for getting the autofocus to only focus on the things that I want to focus on. So now I need to go out and take a lot of pictures of things to practice the technique. Meanwhile, we live in a world where film is free (metaphorically speaking), so I can take well over a thousand pictures with a $20 memory card, delete them all, and do it all again.

  7. Also in photography: I have several projects that I want to do, and I’m going to need new lenses for some of them. Now I must decide which lenses to buy. (Fortunately, all three of my cameras use the same style of lenses.)