I guess we’ll try to pick back up approximately where we left off.

  1. A student submitted a homework bug report asserting that the answer to the problem should be some other number, and the student justified this value with some remarkably specious reasoning that the student attributed to his father. Due to various student privacy policies, I don’t have the ability to reply to this student, but if I did, I would be tempted to say, “Please don’t let your father ‘help’ you with math homework ever again.” The only bright spot is that in the initial report the student did not inform us that the father works in a STEM profession. It’s always the worst when you get a student adding fractions by adding the numerators and then adding the denominators and then claiming that this method was recommended by a parent with a PhD in math.

  2. I keep buying the cookies in the cute tins where the lids don’t fit quite right and eating all the cookies and ending up disappointed by the tins. But the cookies are so yummy, and the tins are so close to being very nice tins.

  3. The universe is telling me that I should just pick a health insurance plan at random. Well, that is not true. Half the plans would let me see the doctors that I already see (PPO), and half the plans would make me pick all new doctors for everything (HMO). But of the plans that would let me see the same doctors that I’ve been seeing, there are inconsistencies between the various documents describing what is covered, and there are inconsistencies in the pricing. Also, our “open enrollment” only lasts three business days. Since two of my doctors have been throwing around the initialism “MRI”, I’m thinking that I’m just going to pick the “gold” plan and be done with it.

  4. We did a brand refresh at work, which means that all the fonts and colors changed. This also means that we need to recompile all the TeX documents. Wish us luck.