Still not much to say.

I’ve been spending my time binge-watching various TV shows that I can watch for free via Amazon. I watch The Romanoffs so that you don’t have to.

Also I’ve started working on Kon-Mari again. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff since I started throwing everything away, so I need to get rid of a lot of things just to get to where I was when I gave up. This weekend’s almost-triumph is that I’m within striking distance of no longer using the second bathtub as an improvised closet. If I can find a space for the very large suitcase that still remains in the bathtub, then I will throw away the two boxes that are keeping it company.

Such is the glamor of living in an 840 square foot apartment after having spent a decade living in a 1420 square foot house with remarkably high ceilings (suitcases could be stored on high shelves in closets) and a basement and a garage.

I just opened up a private window in the browser where I’m not signed in to anything and have verified that if I want to buy a house-house with more square feet than this apartment, I’m going to need three quarters of a million dollars.